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Discovery of artisanal fishing


For a truly authentic experience, we take you to try and practice the art of artisanal fishing through a day cruise on a traditional boat of Mozambique. A day out of time that will provide you the opportunity to sail along the coast and admire the sumptuous landscapes that await you, and take a stroll on the pristine secluded beaches of one of the many islands that surround Mozambique. You will also be offered the opportunity to go freediving (snorkeling) to spot the many untouched corals, tropical fishes and even turtles ! Finish this wonder day with a barbecue on the beach cooked for you by the chef with some local seafood specialties.

This sea cruise aboard traditional boats is an authentic and unique way to discover the art of artisanal fishing with locals who can show you their way of doing things in their own traditions. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country and leave with a unique experience to share! 

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