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The best wines in the World 


On a trip with friends, what could be better than to get together for a tasting of the best wines in the world? 


We advise you to go to Chile, in the Colchagua Valley, a wine region full of history that you can discover with a guide. Take part in the grape harvest festival at the beginning of March and taste the country's finest wines.


In Oceania: discover the wines of Tasmania. The peculiarity of the climate makes them unique! Indulge in the tasting of a sparkling wine renowned for its quality.


A trip to New Zealand will be an opportunity to discover, between two excursions in this magnificent country, the New Zealand vineyards and admire the splendid scenery in which they are located!

The visit of these estates promises you magnificent landscapes in which the vines are planted, enjoy this moment of sharing with your friends or as a group and appreciate these new flavors from the other side of the world.

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