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Discover the World differently


If the mainland is full of marvels, a trip on the remote waters in the World will ensure you a whole host of unforgettable discoveries. 


Take a trip to Zambia, where you can watch elephants bathing in the cool waters of the Zambezi River. You will also have the opportunity to meet many animals such as zebras, leopards and lions that come to drink in its waters. Sailing along the Zambezi is an original and different way to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Zambia. You will even have the chance to learn how to fish! 


In sub-Saharan Africa, in Botswana, explore the Okavango Delta aboard a mokoro. Use the country's traditional means of transport and let a guide show you all the treasures of the river. From giraffes to large herds of elephants and antelopes, everything will be put together to blow your mind.  


In Latin America, navigate by pirogue on the mythical Amazon River. Ecuador is the ideal destination for a walk in the middle of the jungle, a total change of scenery where you will have the opportunity to discover many sea creatures such as the pink dolphin. 


A trip on the waters is also a way to discover the rich fauna of a country, a different way to observe all the hidden treasures.

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