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Tasmania is certainly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful islands on the planet! Quite literally the land that got away, one of our last great wilderness frontiers, a thriving life raft for animals found nowhere else on earth. Vast swathes are impenetrable, much of it only accessible or known to a few local guides and experts who have roamed it since childhood.

The Tasmanian island is rich in outdoor activities. From the glacial tarns of the Alpine Highlands to the magnificent wilderness of the Cradle Mountains or Freycinet National Park, there is jaw-dropping nature all around. But exploring the outdoors can be tiring, so it’s always nice to warm your bones beside the fire after a day in the chill. And that’s why Tasmania is a perfect setting for small luxurious accommodations.

Australia’s smallest state is also buzzing with art, nurturing an exciting foodie scene and cutting the ribbon on new hiking trails – all against a backdrop of rich history and remarkable wildlife.

Experience majestic landscapes, wonderful wildlife, artists, colonial heritage including gardens and sandstone buildings, fine food producers, leading wine makers, artisan brewers, craftspeople, museum experts, and so much more. We help you design your perfect journey to make your visit of Tasmania unforgettable!


Get close to the tasmanian wildlife

Experience the local wineries and indulge in some wine tasting

Relax in some cosy nature retreats

Go walking or hiking in the beautiful national parks


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