Flavors of Sri Lanka 


Because a trip is also synonymous with culinary discoveries, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to taste new flavours that will delight your taste buds. 

Being an island with lush vegetation, you will have the opportunity, during your stay, to encounter a variety of exotic fruits such as papaya, rambutan (also called hair lychee) or beli fruit. You will be able to taste these delicious flavours while strolling through one of the many fruit markets in the country. 


While on the island, take the opportunity to taste typical dishes such as dosas - small thick pancakes made from lentil flour; crab curry or khottu rotti - a pancake cut into thin strips and mixed with vegetables, chicken or eggs according to your preferences. 


If you find the only thought of these dishes mouth-watering, don't hesitate any longer and let's create your trip to Sri Lanka together. The country is full of new wonders that will delight lovers of culinary discoveries.


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