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What if you’ve got the urge for adventure, but no-one to do it with? 

Traveling alone is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others.


It is freeing, empowering, self-confidence building, and helps you put life into perspective! Get out of your comfort zone and discover new cultures from around the world. 

However, it does occasionally have its challenges. This is why we are here to make it magical and worry-free by helping you organize your solo adventure, providing you with useful recommendations for having a great time as you travel solo.

While some people prefer to travel independently throughout their trip, others may want to be accompanied by a local guide to introduce you to the destination and let someone else do the navigation and planning. 

Take a trip to an unknown land and live a unique and magical experience that will take you far away from your everyday life! 


Whichever you prefer, we will make sure to design your journey in the most exceptional way. 

Our selection of experiences 

Share unique moments with

local people

Dive in the World's most

beautiful waters 

Visit incredible archaeological sites

Your solo adventure in Japan

Create your tailor-made solitary adventure

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