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Whether you are a solo traveller looking to join a group around a common interest - a yoga and wellness retreat in Nepal; a fly-fishing trip in New Zealand; or climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - or if you are a group of friends looking to plan your own private adventure together - we are here to help you with a multitude of exciting destinations and experiences to choose from and customize to create your own tailor-made trip. Our guides and local partners will then take over the trip and accompany you on your journey.


Set off on a trip as friends to share many experiences far from your everyday life and to strengthen the bonds of friendship that unite you! As a solo traveller, you will have the opportunity to meet new people during your stay and share your stories with your travel group, united around the same passion! 


Travel under the sign of relaxation, lovers of new experiences or in search of thrills, trust us to design with you your trip with friends or in a group.


Here are a few inspirations for theme trips that we can create for you as part of your adventure with friends or in a group: 

Our selection of experiences 

Pirogue on the River
Annapurna Nepal
Bateau de croisière en Papouasie

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