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The best apps to have when traveling

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Traveling has never been so easy, especially thanks to our smartphones. Whether it's to find a place, communicate, pay or immortalize our most beautiful moments, they are indispensable and make our lives easier! Here is our list of the best mobile applications to download on your smartphones before your next departure in order to optimize your time and come back full of memories. And most of them are free!

1. To be ready before the big day

Before you leave, we advise you to download PackPoint, a super handy app that checks with you to make sure you haven't forgotten anything before you leave! Whether you're leaving for work or just for fun, all the things you don't want to forget are listed in this one app.

Next, it's best to find a place to stay! Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or an alternative trip, we still advise you to leave with several options to find a place to sleep. We don't need to introduce you to the famous Airbnb and Booking apps, but if adventure doesn't scare you, why not try a little alternative travel by swapping your home with someone else's through the HomeExchange app. A unique and new way to travel!

2. To escape and go away

Again, it is highly recommended to book all your tickets in advance before you start your journey. If you have not yet fully decided on your itinerary, the Google Flights app allows you to see the best prices for a large number of destinations from your departure airport. It's a great way to get inspired and choose your next vacation almost at random. If you have always dreamed of going on an adventure driving a van like in Little Miss Sushine, the Yescapa app offers you to rent a camping car directly between individuals. Dare the adventure!

3. To be understood by everyone

If you don't mind learning a language before you travel, the Tandem app allows you to meet people from all over the world and learn their language. A unique way to socialize while learning a new language and culture! If you don't have much time, Google Traduction is the app not to be forgotten. Whether you want to ask for directions or translate a restaurant menu, it allows you to translate 103 languages in one click. In the same range, the app allows you to start a voice translation by choosing a male or a female voice and to switch from one dialect to another very easily. Crossing the language barrier has never been easier!

4. To live like a local

Even the most assertive globetrotters are always a little lost when they land in a new place. Sygic Travel allows you to discover the best places and the must-see places to discover in a few clicks. Its little plus? It allows you to book your activities directly and save your favorite places. You don't want to walk around with a paper guide and you don't want to pay for an audio guide? The iziTravel app offers audio tours of over 900 cities around the world, as well as audio tours of the most beautiful museums. Grab your headphones and go on a cultural escapade of the most beautiful places! If you want to take cultural immersion even further, the MeetUp app finds you the best activities and connects you directly with locals who share your interests. A unique way to socialize and meet new people!

5. To keep your accounts straight

Because we don't all use the same currency and because we don't all have a calculator in our head, we recommend you to download a currency converter. The XE Currency app converts more than 150 currencies from all over the world while regularly updating the exchange rates. If for you "good accounts make good friends", the Tricount app takes care of monitoring your budget. You enter directly the total of your expenses and the application takes care of the accounts, practical when you travel with several people.

6. To stay on the right track or venture off the beaten path

If like us you don't have a compass in your head, the Map.Me app is very essential. It allows you to download hundreds of maps in advance and view them offline. If you prefer public transportation when you travel, the Rome2rio app is very practical. It shows you all the possible combinations of transportation to go from point A to point B, anywhere on the planet, specifying the duration of the trips and their price. More than 5,000 companies are listed in 160 countries. If for you vacations rhyme with discovery and sport, the AllTrails app lists hundreds of trails and itineraries for your outdoor hikes. What's the best part about the app? Other users can also share their own tips and photos to guide you in your search. Useful if you want a nice family walk or a trail off the beaten track.

7. To retouch and immortalize your memories

Thanks to our smartphones, it has never been so easy to immortalize our most beautiful memories. Today, there are a lot of applications to edit and modify your vacation photos. Our favorite is the VSCO app which offers a wide range of free and easy-to-use filters. The little extra? The app allows you to reconstruct and plan your Instagram feed. If you want to add some effects such as stickers or frames to your photos, the Picsart app is very playful and allows you to modify and decorate your best shots in a few clicks.

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