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For those who want to get their heart rate racing and their blood pumping, we bring you our adventure holidays. Hiking across mountain ridgelines, scrambling across glaciers and kayaking down mighty rivers; these trips are designed to truly immerse you in a country, as you discover vast wildernesses, untouched regions and ancient cultures.


Feed your thirst for adventure and the outdoors on an exciting journey with adrenaline-filled experiences. Choose your modality and pace, and let our expert guides lead you through some of the most exhilarating routes. These journeys are all about challenging your body and practicing you passion in a new and exciting environment.

We will craft your personal adventure in a range of exciting and unique remote places, jungles, mountains, deserts, forests, and more! With carefully constructed itineraries to unique and hand-picked destinations around the world, we ensure your thirst for adventure will be met!

Our selection of experiences 

New Zealand
Airplane Flight
Annapurna Nepal
Sunset in Namibia

Your adventure trip to

New Zealand

Discover the world

from the sky

Trek in the mountains

of Nepal

Night under the stars

in Namibia

Create your tailor-made outdoor adventure