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Image by John O'Nolan

Lofoten Islands


A true fishing paradise, the Lofoten Islands are a jewel of nature that must be discovered at all costs during a trip to Norway. Between small villages off the beaten track, deep blue fjords and beautiful surf beaches, these islands plunge you into a wilderness in the heart of majestic mountains. 

Bird lovers will have the opportunity to observe in their natural habitat the different species present on the islands. The main value of the archipelago is the preservation of its environment and culture. Its large green spaces and mountains make it the preferred destination of nature lovers seeking to recharge their batteries and get away from it all. 

The Lofoten Islands are also the favorite place for hiking enthusiasts, the diversity of reliefs offers incredible and unique landscapes. Many other outdoor activities are possible: kayaking, fishing, rafting, surfing, diving ... there is something for everyone.

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