Between Everest and Annapurna


A trip to the heart of Nepal will guarantee you a stay under the sign of adventure, the Nepalese mountains being an ideal playground for walking lovers of all levels. 


You will have the opportunity to trek and discover the Annapurna or Everest massifs and - for the more courageous - to reach the mountain peaks that offer some truly unique views of the area. A trek in the Nepalese mountains is the best way to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the country crossed by rivers, deserts and the green expanses of the countryside. 


To make your stay even more sensational, we advise you to combine your trekking experience with a few days of relaxation and nature in the Chitwan National Park, known for its abundant flora and home to one of the last populations of Asian rhinos. 


As Nepal is a country with an immense cultural wealth, it is also a perfect destination to make unique encounters with the local people who will be able to teach you better than anyone else the many customs and traditions of their country. Your Sherpa guide will make sure to give you a lot of information about Nepal, its culture and its incredible nature.


Let's organize your trip to Nepal together. We advise you the best excursions accompanied by the most qualified sherpas and guides in order to discover all the treasures of this magnificent country.