In the heart of nature


You want a trip under the sign of nature and discovery? Let yourself be tempted by our sensational experiences that will ensure you a unique contact with nature and its inhabitants.


In Africa, you will bathe near penguins in a splendid setting at Boulders Beach in South Africa; you will set off on a trek in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, where you will be able to observe the Gelada monkeys, a protected species. 


Go to Asia to experience a camel ride in the Thar Desert in India; you will also have a memorable experience swimming alongside sharks in Indonesia; in the Chitwan Park in Nepal you will meet many mammals such as one of the last rhino populations in Asia. 


In Central America you will encounter unique species: watch manatees swimming in the translucent waters of Belize or admire sloths, monkeys and other parrots during a stay in Costa Rica.


On the other side of the world, in Tasmania, you can see wallabies in their natural environment, a sight as surprising as it is wonderful.


The world abounds with many treasures, its nature and biodiversity make it a real land of discovery, trust us to create your memorable trip to the most beautiful places the Earth has to offer.