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Mountain hiking 


Hiking is an ideal way to discover the beauty and treasures of a country. Climb to the top of the mountains and you will have the chance, after the effort, to discover the splendid landscapes displayed before your eyes. 


In South Africa, discover the magnificent scenery that the mountains offer - from Cape Town's Lion's Head to the Drakensberg Mountains, between waterfalls, green plains and mountain peaks, a majestic panorama will be offered to you.


In Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains Nature Park will offer you an encounter with the endangered Gelada monkeys. For the most courageous, a trek of several days is possible, it will allow you to reach the highest peaks with breathtaking views and most unusual! 


In Nepal: we recommend various trekking itineraries, whether in the Annapurna Mountains, known over the years for their magnificent landscapes, or in the less visited but spectacular region of Mustang. 


Do not hesitate and put on your backpack for a trek with friends in the mountains, a sensational experience that will allow you to find yourself on the rooftops of the world.

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