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Ville Elena2.png

Luxury villa in Dubrovnik

Situated in a charming village not far from Dubrovnik, you will find yourself in a sumptuous villa with a breathtaking view of the Elafiti Islands. The villa is surrounded by greenery, where the sweet scents of olive and lemon trees blend with the unique Mediterranean atmosphere. 

The villa is equipped with : 

  • 5 double rooms 

  • 5 bathrooms 

  • 1 indoor spa 

  • 1 heated swimming pool

  • 1 large terrace 

  • Access to daily hotel and housekeeping services

Villa Elena .png
Image by Spencer Davis


Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Adriatic", a stay in Dubrovnik proves to travelers how much it deserves this title. This historic city is full of cultural and historical monuments that bear witness to its rich past and impressive heritage. For lovers of discovery, this is the perfect destination!

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