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Meeting the local population


Just because you decide to set off on a solitary adventure does not mean that your trip will not be filled with encounters. Travelling around the world is the best way to make unique encounters and share unforgettable moments.  


In Africa, learn the art of spear fishing with the Thonga people in South Africa, a beautiful way to observe their traditional know-how. Meet the San people, in the Kalahari desert in Botswana, and learn how to make fire, ropes, jewellery... Discover the ancestral way of life of the Himbas people in Namibia, accompanied by a guide, you will have the chance to make an excursion in their village and take part in their traditions. 


In Asia, mix with the locals by attending a horse race at the Happy Valley Racecourse, a place of celebration and sharing that will immerse you a little more in the fascinating World of Hong Kong. 


Why not take advantage of your solo trip to learn a new passion, like going to the Caribbeans to learn Cuban salsa in daytime classes and then show off your dancing skills in the streets and lively bars of Havana alongside the locals?


All these encounters are a sign of discovery and sharing, the pillars of a successful trip and many more are waiting for you during your solo adventure. 

No matter where you want to go, the people you meet along the way will be a real blessing by offering you a new way of thinking and living.

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