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Extraordinary trip to Japan


In recent years, Japan has emerged as an ideal destination for the brave who decide to attempt a solo adventure. It is indeed one of the easiest and safest countries in the world to travel to, it is also an opportunity for you to make many encounters. 

Whether you want to wander around Tokyo's neighborhoods, visit ancient shrines or participate in the tea ceremony, Japan will meet all your expectations. 

Its friendly and charming people will promise you incredible exchanges during which you will be able to discover and learn more about Japanese culture.


During your trip, you will make a stop in Kyoto which abounds in sumptuous temples and palaces, you will be able to stroll in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama or go to the traditional district of Gion to cross the path of some Geishas. 

Head to Hiroshima where you will have the opportunity to visit its museum and the Peace Memorial Park or go to admire Mount Fuji, the sacred volcano that will dazzle you with its beauty.

A solo trip to the Land of the Rising Sun holds many surprises in store for you, there are so many sumptuous places to discover, we will be at your side to make this trip an unforgettable adventure.

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