Image by Bhaumik Shrivastava

Wellness retreat in India


Give yourself a wellness break to deal with all your worries, whether physical or mental, during a relaxing retreat in the land of a thousand and one nights. 

You will be able to indulge in some Ayurvedic treatments, known in India for their benefits for the body and mind, massage sessions and fabulous culinary experiences to discover the local flavours.


If you wish a total disconnection in order to re-learn the harmony between body and mind in a splendid setting, we can offer you a wide choice of retreats on the theme of well-being in India, you will come out refreshed and in total harmony with yourself. 


You can go to an ashram, a secluded place of recollection in the middle of nature, in order to refocus on yourself during yoga and meditation sessions under the guidance of a yogi. 


This experience ensures that you will surpass yourself and really disconnect from your daily life, one of the best ways to become aware of the things that are essential to your well-being and to focus on what is really important. 


India offers a calm and serene setting perfect for a well-being trip, so don't wait any longer and let's design together your relaxing stay!