Cultural trip to India


Majestic palaces, cuisine with multiple flavours and scents, spectacular landscapes, make India an ideal destination for a real change of scenery, placed under the sign of a cultural discovery.

It is the opportunity to unveil, together with your fellow travellers, all the majestic treasures of the country of a thousand and one nights. 

We will design for you a tailor-made trip that will focus on the state of Rajasthan which is full of riches at many levels. 

You will plunge into the heart of Indian culture shaped by thousands of years of history, and discover the many Indian dances that awaken the streets. You will also be able to contemplate the traditional women's clothing, the Sari, and let yourself be told its history tasting the delicious Indian cuisine that will thrill your taste buds. 


A trip to India would not be possible without visiting its most renowned palaces. We will therefore take you to discover the most majestic among them, in the footsteps of Indian princes, without forgetting the unmissable Taj Mahal that you will be able to visit in an exclusive way. 

We could also organize for you a camel ride in the Indian desert, an activity that will guarantee you a great deal of fun in the middle of the immense sand dunes.  


To crown your trip, discover one of the oldest cities in the world: Varanasi. The peculiar atmosphere that emerges from the place will certainly leave your mind with a lasting impression given its spiritual and timeless character. It will also give you the opportunity to become more familiar with the broad range of customs and traditions of India. 

Once your trip is over, you will be left with the sole desire to return and visit this incredible country again and again!