Traditional Indian cuisine 


Cuisine is inherent to a country's culture and it is also a good way to discover it through its inherent flavours. We therefore invite you to go on a unique culinary journey in the heart of traditional Indian cuisine, where you can meet around a meal with the locals who will be able to tell you better than anyone else the history of their country. 


You will notice that the great diversity of India both socially, culturally and religiously leads to a culinary art which is declined according to the regions. 


You will taste for example the "tandoori" - pieces of meat, fish or bread that are simmered in spicy yoghurt and then cooked in a clay jar oven.


In the more southern regions of the country you can discover a variety of spicy sauces and curries which the locals mix with vegetables or rice to create dishes with a mouth-watering aroma. You can also taste the dals, a simple tamarind-based speciality that is extremely tasty thanks to the fragrant and varied mixture of lentils and spices. 


Indian cuisine is one of the richest, most fragrant and subtle in the world. Between vegetarian dishes and spicy dishes you will find what you are looking for!


Let's organize together your stay in India in order to make your palate discover all these wonderful new flavors. Alternatively we can also advise you on other destinations on the theme of a culinary immersion such as: Italy, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and many others.