Cultural trip to Ethiopia


With its many UNESCO World Heritage sites and its landscapes as amazing as they are fabulous, Ethiopia invites adventurous and daring travellers to discover it. 

Here you will discover magnificent sites such as the Danakil Depression, this land located in one of the most barren regions of the planet, which offers an incredible spectacle of colours. 


For those who love hiking, you can go on an expedition lasting for one or several days in the Simien mountains where you will have the chance to meet many rare animal species such as Gelada monkeys, all in a breathtaking panorama. 


You will also be able to explore the fabulous monolithic churches of Lalibela, dating back to medieval times, the places are full of history that you will discover accompanied by one of our experienced guides. 


A stay of about two weeks would not be enough to discover all the wonders of Ethiopia as the country is so full of treasures. Yet we will make sure to organize for you the visit of the most mythical and unusual sites in order to make your journey absolutely unforgettable.