Cultural journey 


What could be more wonderful on a trip than to discover and immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are exploring? Because travel is also synonymous with sharing and exchange, we propose to design an even more magical stay in contact with the local people who will make you discover their traditions and customs.


Each destination has its own history, no matter where you want to escape with your family, take the time to discover all the cultural riches of the country that will make your stay even more exceptional. 

Meet the locals for an even more unique experience, visit the many monuments and museums that retrace the country's history. 


Zimbabwe, India, Nepal are destinations full of cultural wealth that you can discover with your family to make your trip a real cultural excursion and to widen your horizons even more. From the Inca Trail in Chile to the heritage of the Mayan civilizations in Mexico; from the meeting of the Quechua people in Ecuador to the meeting of the Himbas people in Namibia; from the Cuban culture to the Nepalese traditions and customs, we promise you a cultural journey marked by unforgettable encounters.