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The real joy of cruising lies in getting out on the water and seeing things from a new perspective or visiting otherwise inaccessible places. Travel by river, lake or sea can provide the only route into little-visited regions, such as the islands of Papua or the Galapagos. It can also allow you to observe floating markets, temples, and wildlife. Cruising offers the chance to avoid typically hectic road journeys and travel in a far more leisurely way, navigating you to sights and an authentic taste of local life well off the beaten track.


Depending on your destination, interests and time, we will recommend the best suited cruise experience, from a private charter to hands-on sailing or a relaxing trip on a simple rice barge, there are many options to make your cruise experience unique and tailored to your tastes ! Once you’ve settled on a region to visit, speak to one of our country specialists. Each of our trips is completely tailor-made and our specialists will help you choose the right vessel and go through the myriad ways to top and tail your cruise with further adventure.