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Travel with an academic or an expert to deepen your knowledge in a particular field that you are passionate about - whether it is history, architecture, nature, or something very specific, it is through lively conversations, visits and privileged learning experiences led by professionals that you will make your exploration wish a reality. Meet with experts and community leaders at different stages of your itinerary to explore the depths of your field of interest, gain an insider's perspective and expert understanding.


Because a trip is also a source of cultural learning, let's plan a journey together that allows you to learn more about the history, traditions and customs of the country you wish to visit. You will be able to visit historical sites, exchange with the locals or even start learning a language! Because it is also by going to meet the local populations that you will learn best about the cultural heritage, we organize for you unique meetings placed under the sign of exchange and sharing which will bring a real point of honor to your stay. 


Draw inspiration from our suggestions and contact us to design each step of your trip together: