Relaxation retreat in Colombia


What better destination than Colombia to allow you a connection with the surrounding nature and a total change of scenery with your usual living environment? 


We offer you the unusual experience of staying in an eco-hab, a comfortable cabin built mainly with natural materials, located in the heart of a dense flora and fauna. This type of rustic luxury accommodation is ideal for living in perfect harmony and close to nature. An ideal place to practice yoga, meditation, and enjoy treatments and massages on site.


Far away from all the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea or the mountains and discover all the richness that the place has to offer: between incredible biodiversity, rich and dense fauna, this experience in the heart of nature will do you the greatest good. 


Colombia is also THE destination for bird lovers, being close to nature will be for you an incredible opportunity to admire new species among the most beautiful in the world! 

We promise you a stay cut off from the world where you will be able to escape from your everyday life, away from the stress, noise and pollution, in a setting as green as it is resourcing.