In search of the most beautiful birds


Passionate about birds? We invite you to live an ornithological experience in remote places in search of rare bird species. 


Birds of South America:

Tropical America offers a great diversity of birds to observe due to its extreme biodiversity, that's why we recommend this region of the world for the great lovers of raptors. 

On the Galapagos Islands, you will be able to admire many species of birds endemic to the archipelago, such as the blue-footed booby or the Galapagos buzzard.


Colombia has become THE destination for all bird enthusiasts in recent years, its tropical forests and national parks offer the largest number of species to discover in the World. You will be able to observe the crested eagle, the Caribbean toucan, the Fuertes parrot and so many other magnificent creatures. 


An ornithological trip to Costa Rica will be the opportunity to admire the most beautiful tropical birds in the world, living in a biodiversity as amazing as it is rich, you will be able to discover, accompanied by a guide, all these unique birds. 


Birds in Africa:

Africa is also a territory that offers many bird species to observe. In the Simien Mountains Natural Park in Ethiopia, you will have the opportunity to discover the hundred or so species of birds flying over the beautiful landscapes during a hike. 

The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa are also a must for albatross, falcon and crane watching. You can also hike there and admire the magnificent panoramas they offer. 


Birds of Asia:

You will have the opportunity to see the most beautiful species of birds among flamingos, storks, herons ... especially in the Bundala National Park in Sri Lanka. 


Whatever the itinerary where you wish to travel, we select for you the most beautiful destinations and the most beautiful sites where you will be able to admire majestic species of birds.