Luxury retreat in Belize  


Belize is the ideal destination for lovers of adventure and discovery. Between its cultural richness, its translucent waters ideal for diving and its paradisiac beaches, we will build for you a travel itinerary without fail. 


To make your stay even more incredible, we will pick for you the greatest high-end accommodation such as the Turtle Inn, one of the lodges of the famous film director Francis Ford Coppola, where during a relaxing day you can reach the white sand beach located just a few steps from your private terrace. These rustic and chic places will be perfect for a retreat of pure pleasure, with your feet in the fine sand. Between yoga sessions, traditional massages under the sound of the waves and the tasting of tropical cocktails, the only thing we will ask from you is to fully enjoy your dream stay. 


Our attention to detail will allow us to build, with you, your idyllic trip to Belize where so many treasures are to be discovered: visit the Mayan site of Tikal, observation of manatees, diving in the most beautiful sites in the world. We are ready to design a perfect itinerary for you to enjoy and relax along the way.