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The most beautiful archaeological sites


For those who are passionate about History and cultural immersion, we will tailor a trip that will take you to the oldest archaeological sites, accompanied by a local expert to retrace the history and highlights of previous civilizations. 


In Latinand Central America, there are many archaeological sites that bear witness to the existence of ancestral populations. In Mexico, discover the heritage of the Mayan civilizations in Chichen Itza, where you can climb to the top of the impressive Castillo pyramid or visit Uxmal, which stands out for its wilder, greener setting. In Guatemala, take a detour to the country's most famous Mayan site, Tikal, and discover the many pyramids that are housed there. In Chile, disembark in Arica and visit the archaeological museum of San Miguel to discover the oldest mummies in the world. 


In Namibia, let a guide show you the petroglyphs of the Twyfelfontein archaeological site and go back in history, 6,000 years ago, when a hunter-gatherer people appropriated the place by carving numerous symbols on the rocks. 


The visit of these places full of history and culture is a real plus on your trip, they allow you to discover the architectural treasures left by the previous populations and are a real cultural wealth.

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